The Cabinet of Curiosities

Explore the unusual.

Our never-ending curio cabinet has been curated throughout the centuries. From Holy Water to Vampire Hunting kits to Dead Fairy Charms, you'll find a perfect collection of items to fill your own cabinets or to take as souvenirs for friends with an appetite for enchanted objects.

a nightmare before christmas actual film cell candle holders actual film cell votives Actual film cells all seeing eye journal anklet antique vampire box apothecary apothecary bottle Apotropaic athame authentic shrunken heads bag charm bat sachet Bats bayou bat bayou batte bite tattoo blood veil book bracelet Bride of Frankinstein castle casting cement casting cement gargoyle ceremonial blade ceremonial tool choker cotton parchment paper creepy christmas creepy christmas ornament creepy pictures crocheted monster eye crocheted nosferatu Crucifix Cure all Tonic cute vampire Dead Fairies doll eyeballs Dracula Dragon ecquador shrunken heads elvira Emergency Kit eye journal eyeball jewelry eyeball necklace Fairy Ornaments fang necklace fork fork bracelets forkmeister gargoyle Garlic gift certificate gothic athame halloween pictures hand crafted hand made hand made paper hand tooled haunted pictures herb Holy Water Interview with a Vampire journal key chain lavender filled bat lavender sachet leather bound Lesson box Liniment Little vampires loaded silver bullets loaded wooden tip bullets Long Life louisiana oyster magic chain magic tool magical tool magnetic anklet magnetic bracelet magnetic chain magnetic choker map of French Quarter monster eye monster eye bag charm monster keychain mustard seeds New Orleans Fairies new orleans gift certificates new orleans shrunken heads New Orleans Vampires New Orleans worry dolls nosferatu nosferatu bag charm nosferatu keychain old fashion pictures old fashion tonic bottle painted oyster shell pendulum Plush Bat protection from vampires real silver bullets real vampires real wooden tip bullets Rear Window rocky horror picture show safty signs sealed bottle secret box Shrunken heads silver bullets that fire silver bullets that shoot Snake oil St. Germaine sugar skull Sweet Midnight Temporary bite tattoo tonic bottle Treasure seeker tru blood true blood universal elixir for vampires v blood vampire vampire bag charm Vampire Bat Egg vampire bite tattoo vampire blood vampire cake toppers vampire clay figurines vampire danger zone vampire gifts Vampire Hunter Vampire Hunting Kit vampire key chain Vampire kit Vampire Protection vampire repellent vampire secrets vampire shrunken heads vampire signs vampire stake Vampire Worry Dolls vampires Vampires with sparkles vervain vintage Voodoo Voodoo dolls wizard of oz wooden stake wooden tip bullets that fire Worry dolls zombie zombie finger ornament zombies