Candle - Romeo Catcher Candle and Crystal Ball Holder

$ 275.00

9 1/2" tall X 8" in diameter at it's thickest point - weight approx. 10 lbs.

New Orleans has an endless amount of unique traditions and iconic symbols.  One of these are the haunting spiked wrought iron balcony pole protectors, known as Romeo Catchers.  Meant to deter young eligible bachelors from climbing the poles to the balconies for late night rendezvous with a French Quarter maiden whom they fancied, these dangerous contraptions where put in place by the girl's protective fathers. 

However, they not only deterred love starved and lustful young men from climbing poles, they were also sometimes fatally successful in apprehending the lover who had found his way into the bed chamber of the object of his desire.  Caught in the arms of his lover, the young bachelor attempting to make his getaway, would hop off the balcony and slide down the pole, only to have been caught by the deathly spikes of a Romeo Catcher.  His entrails left dangling on the fierce metal spikes as a warning to those who might otherwise have entertained a journey up the pole.

These spectacular recreations, crafted for Boutique du Vampyre by local artist, Adam Farrington, have been cleverly designed as candle holders, to bring a small piece of French  Quarter history to your home.
These Romeo Catcher candle holders are very versatile in that they can accommodate from a small votive to a large candle. They are made of metal and cast iron and weigh approximately 10 pounds.  One side has a deep shelf, and the other side is flat so you can display your candle or other object of desire however you wish.