A Vampire Adventures Mystery in the Mail - Madam Deleash the Voodoo Priestess of New Orleans

$ 120.00

Voodoo for Your Soul

What is voodoo?  You're interested in finding out what voodoo is and what it can really accomplish for you.  Your adventure begins as soon as you wire money, as requested by New Orleans Voodoo Priestess, Madam Deleash.  She has promised to enlighten you to all that is possible.  Voodoo dolls, spells, and a mystery that will leave you wondering what is real, and what you know to be impossible.  Or is it?


Your Vampire Mystery in the Mail Adventure includes:

An e-mail that kicks off the adventure

Three separate mailings, to your home, over a month's time.

An adventure in which you are required to help solve the mystery, through contacting a voodoo priestess, and entering a world you never knew existed.  Gather voodoo deities but be careful of where you take this. Your world may seem to turned upside down, but trust yourself and in the religion of voodoo, and the world could be your oyster.