Vampire Adventure - Vampires Among Us

$ 900.00

Dive in to an adventure you will cherish for Eternity!

Arrive in New Orleans, and leave the rest to us.  You will go to secret bars, dine exquisitely, only as a vampire would (although we'll leave the real blood to the truly nocturnal), and experience the unknown. During your adventure you will learn much of the history of New Orleans, the infamous vampires who have tormented the French Quarter, and enjoy an adventure that will give you a memory you will cherish for eternity

Each trip is unique and planned specifically with your needs and desires in mind.  You will enjoy an online consultation with Marita, your personal vampire adviser.  Marita will ask you questions to help make your vampire experience the very best it can be.

The Vampires Among Us adventure includes 

  • Two days and two nights, tours and lots of surprises. (travel to and from New Orleans and accomodations  and meals not included). 
Testimonial from Jakki50_12
March 21, 2012
My Husband and I recently took a trip to New Orleans to go on a Vampyre vacation! We have been to New Orleans before. I've been once, but my husband has worked there as a musician so been many times in the past. I am really into Vampyre culture, but my husband is not yet he is a night owl because of his lifelong profession. I was looking for a vacation that has activities during the evening rather than during the day so he would not have to try to turn his schedule around. I found this on the google search for night time vacations.

We had a BLAST! Our vacation host was Marita Jeager and she was fantastically gracious and knowledgeable. The accommodations she prepared for us were top rate and luxurious. All the restaurants she took us to were absolutely fabulous. Every morsel I placed in my mouth was the best taste sensation I've ever had and it just got better. The two days were jam packed with tons of fun and information, and our host and the people she brought into our private entertainment provided stimulating and wonderful conversation and were full of warmth and joy. I had so much fun that I forgot to take my camera out most of the time to take pictures!

Marita is so good at "reading" people and what they are interested in. After speaking to my husband and really "listening" to us, she noticed my husband is not as into vampyres as I am. She noticed he is really into history. So she made slight changes so both of us had a huge and fantastic time. She is totally willing and capable to alter the vacation to what the interests are of the people she is working with. Her concern was always making sure we were happy and getting the best value and taken care of well.

We had two days with Marita and the third day was to ourselves yet she recommended places to eat and gave us directions of how to get to places we were interested in. We felt like were were away for much longer than we really were. It was a true escape and the very best vacation we've had in a VERY long time. And I love my Fangs!!