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Sage- Dragon's Blood

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Dragon's Blood is known for its healing qualities - cleanse and heal your space.  First- it's time for a fresh start.  Get in the right mind set.  If you're overwhelmed with clutter in your home if you wear the same clothes but have a closet full of clothes you never see, if you feel everything's gotten the best of you- now is the time to change that!

Sage is just the start.  Cleanse your space and clear your mind so you can move forward thoughtfully.  Picture how you would like to live.  Tackle your life one day at a time.  Clean that junk drawer today, one shelf in the closet tomorrow.  As you organize, it becomes addicting.  You'll find you sleep better, feel better, live better.

Our sage sticks come with simple instructions to help you clear negativity and heaviness from your home.  It will be the boost you need. 

Sticks are approximately 4" long.