Resurrection Rose

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The Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla) also know as Resurrection Plant. This mystical flower has the unique quality of coming back to life.. 
The Jericho Flower curls up its branches forming a ball to protect itself for years until the next rain or the next contact with water. It can survive years with no water. Once you place it in water, the Resurrection flower opens beautifully like a fern. However, it's not a fern but a moss.

Jericho Flowers (Selaginella Lepidophylla) - the enchanting blooms that hold the power to revive lost love and ignite new passions. Also known as the Rose of Jericho or resurrection flower, these mystical flowers are a must-have for love spells and rituals. Place the Jericho flower in water, then watch it magically open. This flower is used to attract love, prosperity, good luck, peace, protection and healing

With their captivating beauty and ancient folklore, Jericho Flowers have been used for centuries to breathe life into fading relationships or manifest love where it once seemed impossible.

Whether you're seeking to rekindle a flame or attract a soulmate, these Jericho Flowers hold the key to unlocking the power of love.

The resurrection flower is considered a primitive plant. It is also known as "dinosaur plant". This is why it is considered to have magical powers due to it's unique property of being dead and come back to life. The curling and uncurling is reversible and can be done by the flower numerous times.

After placing the plant in water, the water needs to be changed daily. It the water is standing for too many days, the flower will rot. Enjoy the beauty of your flower and the benefits of having it at home!

What you need to revive a Rose of Jericho

  • Wide, shallow dish
  • (Optional) Pebbles – enough to spread across the bottom of the dish
  • Distilled, room-temperature water
  • A bright spot with indirect sunlight
  • A dried Rose of Jericho 

Place in indirect light and wait!


Change the water for your Rose of Jericho every day to keep it clean. (If you skip a day here and there, you’ll be okay.) All you have to do is set out some fresh water every night. In the morning, drain the dish and add the fresh water.

The biggest trick to the Rose of Jericho is not to OVER water it. This is easy to do, because you just remove the plant from water every week or so to give it a rest. No guesswork about how much water to give it or how often. Just give it a weekly break from the water dish and it’s happy.

Every month, give your Rose of Jericho a week without water to dry out a little bit. Choose the same week every month to make this easy. Simply drain the dish and leave the plant on the pebbles, or remove the plant completely and put it in a darker place.

Rose of Jericho thrives best at room temperature, so watch out for vents, drafts, and extreme temperature fluctuations. It might be a desert plant, but extreme heat or cold can still damage it.

Tip: Use rain water, distilled water or let tap water sit out overnight for the chlorine and any other chemicals evaporate before adding to your plant. 

*Like all spike mosses, Selaginella lepidophylla (false Rose of Jericho) may be toxic to cats, so it’s best to play it safe. Keep your Rose of Jericho out of reach, or choose a different plant.

The best way to store Rose of Jericho is in a paper bag or a box in a cool, dry place where it won’t get crushed. Once it’s safely stored away, it will dry out and wait for you to revive it again. Simple!