Lipstick - Eternal Liquid Matte Lipsticks by JoHanna Moresco

$ 24.00

Eternal Liquid Matte Lipsticks by JoHanna Moresco

JoHanna Moresco’s lipsticks debuted in Leipzig, Germany at the 2019 Wave Gotik Treffen festival. All products are vegan friendly and never animal tested, meaning they are not only cruelty preventive — they are also 100% cruelty free! 








When JoHanna debuted her VAMPYRE line of lipsticks at Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig, Germany, a very important color was missing, a color that is iconic to the Gothic, vampire, and alternative subcultures she holds so dear:


And fans of her makeup began asking almost immediately when or if it would ever be added. The truth was the time was not yet right. She was still searching for the perfect formula for this important color. Not just any black would do for a lipstick. It had to be the right black. The perfect black.

And in October 2021, just in time for Halloween, she delivered.

NOT A PHASE is a matte black lipstick as dark as your soul. Now her fastest selling and most in demand product, it is as long lasting and smudge proof as all her other lipsticks. It also layers well and makes an excellent eyeshadow base.

And it’s vegan friendly and cruelty free, as always!

NOT A PHASE: By JoHanna Moresco. Celebrate Your Inner Darkness.


Meet JoHanna


 JoHanna Moresco has been a fixture of the international gothic, darkwave, and industrial music scene for two decades, first as bassist for Apocalypse Theater and since 2008 as violinist for The Crüxshadows, with whom she has recorded on several albums and chart-topping tracks, including #1 dance hits on Billboard in the United States and the Deutsche Alternative Charts in Germany.

She is also a model and a contemporary urban vampire, and in that capacity appears regularly as a host, promoter, presenter, or featured performer with the Endless Night Vampire Ball, including their Anne Rice Interview With the Vampire Ball in New Orleans, hosted by AMC and AMC+. She has appeared in such publications as Rolling Stone, Revolver, Sonic Seducer, Gothic Beauty Magazine, Zillo, and Orcus.

JoHanna is passionate about her local community and works to foster a safe, welcoming, and vibrant alternative subculturein Florida’s Bold City, organizing concerts, special events, and club nights, including the scene staples Resurgence Goth Night and Sanctuary Goth Night. Jacksonville’s own Folio Magazine has even named her Best Dressed, Best Local Personality, and Best Local Weirdo for her efforts.

 In 2019 she founded JoHanna Moresco Cosmetics to address her need for makeup that looks fantastic onstage while remaining long-lasting under the rigors of performance, and to bring that same show-caliber quality to daily wear cosmetics geared for a wide variety of alternative fashion subcultures. Her highly pigmented smudge-proof makeups are available directly or at brick-and-mortar boutiques in the United States.