Vampire Fortune Candles - Hexagon

$ 28.00

Vampires crave light.  It is after all the one thing they are forced to live without.  Thus candles are a flame they enjoy.  Our candles are crafted in the boutique with hand crafted scent which draws you in and leaves you wanting more. 

The candles are handmade in layers of scent and various adaptions to a dark rose color.  Pewter charms are placed in the layers as the candle is made so that, as the candle burns down the charms will gradually reveal themselves in the wax.  

Each candle features charms for that will relate to you personally - as each candle is carefully selected for each customer.   If you are purchasing the candle as a gift for someone else, we ask you about that person.  Almost like a fortune, the charms may be something of your past, present, future, it could also be related to family, friends, interest, places, etc.  All of the charms chosen are meaningful to us and our shop and are positive in nature.  

Our hexagon candles feature 4 pewter charms and burn for approximately 48 hours.  Candle colors may vary as these are hand-made by our Vampire Assistants