Bath - Coffin Bath Bomb

$ 26.00

Soothe your soul and lift your spirits with our ghoulishly glam coffin bath bomb! Made using the highest quality, skin-friendly ingredients, this moisturizing blend of shea butter, kaolin clay, and coconut oil works wonders on tired brains and sore muscles. Indulge before bed, and you'll sleep like the dead!

Scent:  A death and decay lush dupe.

Ingredients:  Baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, Borax, White Kaolin Clay, cocoa butter , shea butter, coconut oil , alcohol, water, fragrance oil and coloring. Some may contain shimmer, flower petals, activated charcoal, seaweed, soap topping or European spa salt.

Warning:  *please note that all deeply pigmented bath bombs have the potential to stick to residue on the surface of your tub. A clean tub is recommended before use. You may shower after to remove any additional residue. Older tubs may experience discoloration over time due to their porous nature. To prevent ,this always clean your tub with a cleaning agent (i use a spray bleach) after every bath .I do not recommend washing hair if you are using a bath bomb. Some colors could stain light colored hair. And always remember to use caution when exiting tub for it can be slippery due to the oils used in making these bath bombs.  Please speak with you doctor if you are pregnant or nursing before using.

All bath bombs come shrink wrap to preserve freshness and lock in fragrance so please careful remove them from packaging. Some sprinkles or soap pieces may come off when doing so. Please use within 6 months of purchase for best results. All topping are body safe and will dissolve in the water. DO NOT EAT anything off the bath bomb. All donut bath bombs contain slsa (a bubbling agent) and mica coloring that may be harsh on some skin types. Please use caution when using.

The artist is located in Louisiana.