Vampire in a Bottle

$ 10.00

(There is no wine in these bottles - just Vampire Vapor)

Used as a way to contain vampires in the 1800's, authors Stanislas St. Clair and Charles Brophy wrote in detail of this vampire hunting technique used in Bulgaria to overcome a misbehaved obour; an immature vampire in vaporous form.  After baiting a bottle, the hunters pursue the vampire with a cross, driving it toward the bottle.  When the obour enters, the bottle is promptly corked.  The bottle was then tossed in a fire and the vampire destroyed.  We do not destroy ours, but like to think of them as in "time out" and you are then free to take this vampire home with you.  Our only warning is to not uncork the bottle....

*Please note this bottle contains a vaporous vampire (not wine)