Perfume - Enchanted Glass Perfume Bottles

$ 10.00

A collection of beautiful and delicate glass perfume bottles.

These enchanted perfume bottles not only will keep your perfume displayed in a tranquil, luxurious environment, they have a magical element.

Fill your enchanted glass vessel with your favorite perfume.  Hold the bottle in your hand and think about what the perfume means to you.  Where did you get it the first time?  What makes you love it?  What has happened to you when you were wearing it?  How does it make you feel?

Now open the bottle and dab a small amount on your wrists and behind your ears, but as you do so, keep in mind all the wonderful things you thought about just now, and with each dab, make a little wish of how your see your day unfolding with the use of this now enchanted perfume.  How do you want to feel?  Who do you want to captivate?  What do you wish to accomplish today?

Imagine the day how you want it to unfold.  Now let the perfume do it's thing.  

The size of bottle does not increase the enchantment.  Wishes are not guaranteed but remember - anything is possible. 

Smallest bottles measure 3"

Median bottles measure 5" (3.5" without stopper)

Tallest bottles measure 8"