The Green Fairy Eyeshadow Palette

$ 45.00

The Green Fairy and Belle Epoque tradition are alive and roaring in ABSINTHE: new for 2022 from JoHanna Moresco. This premium eyeshadow palette features twelve high-quality color formulations—an array of mattes, glitters, and shimmers you can mix, match, and blend to your heart’s desire. A spoonful of white, shimmery sugar accompanies eight shades of green, representing the most popular libation enjoyed in France from the terraces and cafes of the time, verte absinthe, as well as colors found in fashion and marketing trends of the day. However, the Green Fairy’s lesser-known siblings are not to be forgotten: the white and red fairies, spirits of the bleu and red absinthes, join the party through two matte shades. First, we have a matte blue—both a subtle play on words acknowledging that although bleu (or blanche) absinthe is traditionally clear, a tinge of blue is not uncommon to the glass bottles containing it. Meanwhile, a matte red positively pops, adding a dash of spice to your look—a fitting representation for red absinthes, which are often of spicier vintage than the earthy verte. Lastly, a warm metallic shade represents both the copper alembics used in the unique distillation process of absinthe and the gold widely associated with the look of the Belle Epoque era. All of this comes wrapped in original artwork derived from a painting on canvas, commissioned from Dominique Kennedy, a visual artist hailing from Sydney, Australia, to iconify JoHanna’s vision for the line.

ABSINTHE: By JoHanna Moresco. La fe verte!