Doll - Voodoo Dolls

$ 35.00

Our Voodoo dolls are 100% authentic.  Handcrafted for us by Voodoo Priestess Madam DeLeash,  they are filled with Spanish Moss and Cypress branches collected from the swamps, filled with the appropriate herbs, adorned with cloth and various stones, gems and charms.  They also come with a sheet that explains how to use them.

Voodoo as the National Religion of Africa, is a very old and positive religion. Most voodoo is used for healing and success.  Dolls can be used to ward off evil spirits from your home by hanging them above an entry door.

Pin a picture, fingernail or a strand of hair from a person to the doll to focus the doll for use in regards to that person.

After the doll is dressed with your personal items, hold it in front of you and think about your desire.  Feel yourself there, as if it has already been granted.  How do you feel, who is with you?  Now as you feel yourself in the accomplishment of your desire, blow life into your doll.  Take a deep breath and blow it into the face of the doll until the last of your breath has reached it.  You will feel the doll receive its life.

Now, place the doll somewhere where you may see it every day, so to keep your desire top of mind.  Be grateful for all that you already have and you will receive more.