Print - Nosferatu by Stacey Colangelo

$ 150.00

Vlad the Impaler Linocut print made by New Orleans artist Stacey Colangelo.   

These prints were handmade entirely using a wooden spoon in the artist's kitchen.  Only 13 prints were made, each print are numbered and signed by the artist.  *SOLD OUT* 

*Feel free to email us to inquire about a custom piece*

Paper size 11.25 x 15"

Print size 12 x 9"


Artist Bio:

Hi, I’m Stacey Colangelo and I’m based out of New Orleans. I’ve been drawing since I was a wee toddler and I never stopped. I was introduced to printmaking in my second year at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. For the next few years, I completely immersed myself in it and graduated with a BFA in Printmaking in 2005. The choice of imagery and subject matter in my work has changed over the years, but lately I enjoy very bold, graphic images. In the past, I’ve printed off an etching press, but these days I print at home. I’ve always had a passion for used stuff. I’m an avid record collector and I love to hear the cracks and soft hisses in between songs. It’s always a soundtrack to anticipation; what song is next? What’s on the other side? You just don’t get that mystique by pressing a button to play a digital song. To me, that mystique is always there when I’m printing by hand. I use a Barron or my trusty wooden spoon to impress the image onto the paper. There’s always the big reveal as I peel the paper off the image for the first time... what will this one turn out like? Often these little imperfections when printing do something for the work I couldn’t, they speak for themselves and it’s beautiful language... you just can’t get that from a modern printer. Theres a direct human connection behind every one of these prints that I hope the collector can appreciate. You can check out my artwork and tattoos on Instagram @sctattooer. Feel free to email me as well,, I’m always willing to answer questions about my work or take commissions