A Vampire Adventures Mystery in the Mail - Help a Newly Turned Vampire

$ 130.00

The Curious Case of Emily Sutton

Are Vampires Real?  
Inquisitive ones seem to always ask the wrong questions.  Do you REALLY want to know if Vampires are real?
Embark on a mysterious adventure.  If you laugh in the face of danger, if the night is your friend, if you feel you are lacking the key to that which makes you whole.....
Join in if you dare...and prepare for a vampire pen pal, who will provide the answers you have desired.


Your adventure begins as soon as you wire money to a vampire in a most desperate situation.  Emily Sutton, an anthropologist, sent to New Orleans by the Metropolitan Museum in New York, to secure an item from Tulane Universities anthropology department, has made a life altering mistake.  Now she needs your help.  Stuck in a jail cell in New Orleans, the sun is about to come up, and her fate is in your hands.  Unless she gets bail money, the sun will end her life.  Free her from jail before its too late, and let your adventure begin. 

Your Vampire Mystery in the Mail Adventure includes:

An e-mail that kicks off the adventure.

Three separate mailings, to your home, over a month's time.

An adventure in which you are required to help solve the mystery, and if you play your cards right, you may end up with the answers you're looking for, as well as the item of interest Emily was to secure for the museum.