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This Crimson Debt, by Rose Sinister

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Community of Blood, Book 1

This Crimson Debt, by Rose Sinister.  Signed copy! 

There’s a Community of Blood that lurks in the Shadows…

By the time you realize they’ve noticed you, it’s already too late.

Beloved French Quarter tour guide and master storyteller Rose Sinister has created a compelling new world in the vampire genre with the first installment of the Community of Blood series, THIS CRIMSON DEBT.

Sensible, level-headed Grace Kelly Cordero is careening headlong towards a quarter-life crisis. Her boyfriend has dumped her, she’s stuck in the suburbs, and her beautiful best friend is a chaotic disaster.

Waking up in a stranger’s apartment with fangs and no heartbeat after a New Year’s Eve party gone wrong was not part of her five-year plan.

Thrust into the care of Harold Laing, a secretive, centuries-old vampire with kind eyes that hide a horrible array of past sins, Grace struggles to reconcile her monstrous bloodlust and nocturnal existence against the battered shreds of her faith and her humanity.

It’s bad enough that she can’t go out in the sun, blood tastes terrible, and all her newfound heightened senses are overwhelming, but when Grace and Harold discover that the fiend who attacked her on New Year’s Eve has a new target in his crosshairs, it’s a race against time to save Grace’s best friend Becca from the same fate.

Grace and Harold need each other more than they want to admit. But if the bloom of their growing attraction is going to survive the night, they’ll have to discover reasons to keep going, when all the things they thought they were living for are torn away from them.

With every passing sunrise, the nights are growing shorter, and Grace is running out of darkness. Lurking behind every potential ally and foe, The Community watches—and their intervention might lead to Grace’s doom.

Rose Sinister is a New Orleans-based creative, known for her engaging vampire walking tours and podcasts. When not talking about, writing about, or creating other content related to vampire stories and lore, Rose enjoys fine cooking, exploring museums, axe-throwing, karaoke, and general mischief. She lives with her husband, two spoiled rescue dogs, and a haughty black cat.

Review by Irin Sarx 

“ This Crimson Debt is an engrossing tale of learning to adapt against your will, burgeoning love, mystery, and friendships kept and lost. The
characters are relatable and dimensional, and it’s easy to fall into the emotional rollercoaster of confusion, loss, revenge, and affection that
Grace finds herself swimming in, as she navigates her new found life beyond her life. She is thrown into an unlikely pairing, much like Snow White, if
there had only been one endearing and curmudgeonly dwarf, and his cottage in the woods had been an average Colonial in the suburbs.

Authored by a local tour guide, and vampire aficionado Rose Sinister, This Crimson Debt will set you to missing friends, unraveling the strings of a
vampiric whodunnit, and falling in love against your better judgement. Curl up in an old chair, mind any loose springs, and enjoy…….just remember to
heat up your to-go containers of blood first.”