Spirit Board & Planchettes by Black Rose Parlor

$ 85.00

Spirit Board & Planchettes by Black Rose Parlor is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

Spirit Board with Planchette

Handmade using Bass Wood, Stain, Polyurethane, magic 

Board measures approx 9 x 12"

About the artist:

Enrico (Ricky) Bruno, born and raised right here in New Orleans. After a death experience, my own, the veil between the living and the dead was removed. You could say I was thrust into the Spirit world. No longer having the human buffer nor filter, the world for myself was turned upside down and inside out. Quite literally. I had no human guide or nor guru to help me acclimate to this new world passed the 5 senses, just the eternal spirit world and all it’s inorganic inhabitants. After many trials and tribulations, I’ve learned the very hard way how to navigate through such a beautiful, and at times, rough terrain. Ultimately, I was lead to a Spirit board at an estate sale from the owner of the house that had recently passed on. The mystique and the beauty of these boards has become a passion. So has the ability and psychic range to communicate with the Paranormal. The desire to help others connect the two worlds comes from my own intimate relationship with those worlds. The living, and the dead.....