Intro to Voodoo

$ 55.00

Voodoo is a very powerful, positive and very misunderstood religion.  It would in fact take volumes to give you ample background on voodoo.  Our goal here is to give you guidance and specific direction on how you can work to incorporate voodoo practices into your life for positive outcomes.  You will receive a  comprehensive overview of voodoo, along with specific instructions on how to incorporate this religion into your life.

Your Voodoo Bag includes:

- A voodoo doll in the color of your choice.  Please pick the color you are most drawn to.  You will receive details instructions on how to personalize your doll, adorning it with items that have meaning to you and you will be given instruction on how to breathe life into you doll.

- The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook, by Kenaz Filan.   Filan covers the practices, tools, and rituals of this system of worship as well as the many facets of its origins. Exploring the major figures of New Orleans Voodoo, such as Marie Laveau and Dr. John, as well as Creole cuisine and the wealth of musical inspiration surrounding the Mississippi Delta, Filan examines firsthand documents and historical records to uncover the truth behind many of the city’s legends and to explore the oft-discussed but little-understood practices of the root doctors, Voodoo queens, and spiritual figures of the Crescent City. Including recipes for magical oils, instructions for candle workings, methods of divination, and even directions to create gris-gris bags, mojo hands, and Voodoo dolls, Filan reveals how to call on the saints and spirits of Voodoo for love, money, retribution, justice, and healing.

- Additional instructions that include details for hands on practices.