Enchanted Vampire Purse Companions

$ 15.00

For centuries vampires have been protecting their human companions with the secrets learned over time from various cultures.  These enchanted purse companions are just one of the gifts vampires have come to share.

Like vampires, these companions live in the darkness, kept safely in the bowls of your purse, it will bring you countless rewards.

Inside you will discover:

-An evil eye charm, that will bring great misfortune to anyone who enters your purse without your approval.

-An emergency pen, that must be returned immediately once you have finished using it to pen a quick note of gratitude to yourself.  Use only when you have something magical that needs to be put on paper.

- An enchanted emergency lipstick.  Use only in the dire emergency of a refresher for your lips at a magical time, or when you wish to enchant a kiss.

- An enchanted candy to rejuvenate you when you must have strength.  Inside the candy you will find a spurt of power.

-An enchanted penny.  This coin is to remind you that no amount is too small to begin growing your wealth.  This coin has a way of attracting all coins to it.

Discover the magic that lives in your purse!