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The Vampire (Book 2), by Sandrine Genier

$ 19.95

“It is time to drop any illusion of innocence…” A tumultuous year has passed and life for Jason Sterling has become a series of new discoveries about Augere’s past and his Vampire nature, while learning fascinating and disturbing details regarding previous assistants. Just as it appears his relationship with Augere is stable, a seemingly simple request causes unforeseen problems between them, and sets in motion events which ultimately reveal both long-hidden and recent secrets. The drama plays out against a backdrop of family strife, betrayals, mistrust and uncertain futures for all those who are part of the Vampire’s close realm. As Jason learns more about advantages as well as dangers inherent in his role as assistant it appears that dire consequences await anyone who dares to go against the Vampire. But Jason suspects that when it comes to Augere, no one is truly safe. Matters become even more complicated when a tragedy occurs that resonates with Jason on a personal level and challenges his conscience, casting a shadow over his future with Augere. A character driven story about friendship, loyalty, obsession and its consequences within the context of life with a supernatural being.