Notorious New Orleans Vampires
Legends, Lore, and more....

New Orleans; what better place for a nocturnal haunt.  
Sure,  there are many legends about Vampires here.  There
is also much lore, much fiction and much truth about
Vampires in this fascinating city.  

When you visit, make sure to experience one of the walking
tours, where you will learn more detail of each story while
you stand in front of the locations where they occurred.

In the meantime, here is something to wet your appetite.  
Check out some of the New Orleans Vampires.
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Famous New Orleans Vampires
Check out this video
Boutique du Vampyre's Audio Vampire

Why not learn the history of New Orleans, and
its Vampires from a Vampire.  Listen to the
story, legend, lore, fact and fiction on our MP3

The story is wonderfully told and makes for a
great bedtime story.  If you've already taken
one of the Haunted History tours in New
Orleans, our audio tour is a nice addition to
that history.
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