Casquette Girls

Legend has it that in the 1800s, in an attempt to help populate the then
somewhat seedy French Quarter with more educated, well bred denizens,
French families were enticed to send their daughters here to marry.  
However, these families were much misled to believe handsome deserving
gentlemen where waiting here for them.  The nuns of the Ursuline convent
intercepted the girls at their arrival and put them up at the convent.

The girls had arrived with their trousseau which in France are called
Casquettes.  People in the French Quarter were quick to jump to
conclusions and ignorance had them believing that these girls traveled with
coffins.  So, mockingly the girls acquired the name of casket girls.  Their
trousseau were placed in the third floor attic of the convent, and were not
retrieved until a proper suitor was found for each girl.  

However, when the trousseau were retrieved they were mysteriously found
empty.  Superstitious individuals of the time claimed that they girls had
smuggled vampires here to the French Quarter.

Well, that's the legend in a nut shell.  But if this is just a legend, then why
does the convent to this day seal each upstairs window with  blessed
screws?  And every so often one of the windows will shoot open for no
apparent reason, and immediately the convent once again seals it shut.

Author Alys Arden, of New Orleans, who wrote, The Casquette Girls, after
over a year of trying, was recently able to talk her way up into the attack,
and below are a few of the pictures she was able to share with us.  It is
more outrageous than anyone could have imagined.  There are beams with
chains hanging from them.  One room completely sealed off with just slits in
the door for which items can be slid through, and that room features the only
brick floors, all other floors are made of wood.  That, as explained by their
staff, is so that it could easily be washed down.

If you would like to know more, our author's Alys Arden, The Casquette
Girls and Bruce Jones, The Lost Reflection, both mix fact with fiction so
beautifuly and create delightful, mysterious stories to sink your fangs into!