Bottled Vampires
Used as a way to contain Vampires in the 1800s, Authors
Stanislas St. Cair and Charles Brophy wrote in detail of a
vampire hunting technique used in Bulgaria to overcome an
obour, an immature vampire in vaporous form.  After baiting a
bottle with some of the vampire's favorite food, hunters pursed
the vampire with a cross, forcing it into the bottle.  

In those days the bottle was then tossed into a fire to destroy the

We prefer to think of our Vampires as in  "Time Out".

Each bottled Vampire has the history on the back of the bottle of
why the vampire is bottled.  Most of the Vampires are meant to
be released one day, however, there are a few that should
NEVER under any circumstances be released.
10.00 each
Beverly Reilly
Bottled November 24, 2009

Beverly Reilly gives Vampires a bad
name.  Turned to Vampire by Luxor, a
very evil man himself, Beverly learned
of her new existence in the most
horrible of ways.  She was left to fend
for herself by Luxor, who has never
returned to his fledgling to this day.  
Beverly gave up looking for him almost
100 years ago.  However, Beverly was
never a nice person, even in her mortal
life.  She would be a more responsible
vampires last choice for a fledgling.  

Beverly came to New Orleans from
Paris on November 3, 2009.  We
bottled her November 24th.  And
bottled she will remain.  Whoever
chooses to possess Beverly must never
let her go.  Don’t even think about it.  
And don’t let her get to you through
your dreams.  Just say NO.
Thomas Pepper
Bottled October 6, 2011

Thomas Pepper is a rather unusual
case.  Thomas certainly would not have
chosen a life as a vampire.  Rather
Thomas was a very straight lace
individual who very much enjoyed his
mortal life.  Thomas was engaged to
Pricilla Cooper, the daughter of
Alexander Cooper, Esq.   Mr. Cooper
was very well respected in town, and
was looking forward to bring Thomas
aboard as not just a new attorney in his
firm, but as a son in law.
Pricilla however, is a vampire and
turned Thomas, out of pure hunger and
accident.  She was not able to sate her
hunger, and took Thomas too far; so
then was faced with a difficult choice.  
Let him die, or turn him.  Thomas was
furious, and has not been able to come
to terms with his new existence.  We
hope soon he will.
Duncan Shellmont
Bottled November 10, 2011

Duncan Shellmont, author, poet,
artist, has enjoyed a very full life.  
Duncan was turned against his will in
the early 1800s.  However, rather
than living in torment, he decided to
embrace his new existence.  Duncan
utilized his wealth of knowledge and
wonderful relationships over the
centuries to embellish his craft and
create wonderful novels. Duncan was
furious when he found his work was
being plagiarized by a mortal , in the
year 2010.  The mortal had
researched Duncan’s work from
1870s and while his work was
wonderful he had never reached a
level of fame.  So the mortal took
Duncan’s work for his own, and was
making a fine living on his plagiarized
words.  We had to bottle Duncan to
keep him from harming the mortal,
and bring attention to vampires.
Felicia Ann Hammond
Bottled April 5, 2009

Felicia Ann Hammond was brought
toNew Orleans by her great aunt in the
late 1700s, when New Orleans was full
of excitement.  Felicia hated that she was
so young, as she wanted to explore the
night in the city.  On her 18th birthday
Felicia decided to sneak away after her
family celebration to see just what the
city had to offer.  It was then that she
met Lampert de Lesario.  Lampert was
a very vivacious vampire and very much
enjoyed the company of young ladies.  It
was Felicia’s misfortune that on her one
night out she accepted a cocktail and the
company of Lampert, who quickly
glamoured her and swept her off her
feet.  Felicia led a cursed life and only
recently ran into Lampert again here in
New Orleans.  We had to bottle her to
protect Lampert form Felicia‘s wrath.
Devin Montgomery
Bottled November 25, 1999

Devin Montgomery  world renowned art
collector and connoisseur of women,
visited New Orleans for the first time in
1954.  During his stay here he met,
Mellissa Howell.  Mellissa, a vampire of
200 years, also had a fascinating private
collection of art.  She was made aware of
Devin’s visit, and having heard of his
collection over the years, she knew there
were some of them she would want to
add to her own.  Well, they hit it off
better than Mellissa had anticipated, so
she decided to keep Devin, and made
him Vampire against his will.  However,
he quickly adapted to his new existence,
and began collecting art in a manner of
which we greatly disapprove.  Mellissa
has a little more finesse.    So as not to
jeopardize our sort, we had to bottle
Devin, until Mellissa can teach him to
control himself.
Rolph Van Sutton
Bottled January 13, 2001

Rolph Van Sutton had always
considered himself a cavalier.   When
he was young, and was asked what he
wanted to be when he grew up, the
answer was always, a super hero.  
Well, Rolph eventually became a
detective.  However, that was short
lived because he simply didn’t agree
with how inefficient and slow paced the
system worked.  He tended to take
matters into his own hands on several
occasions, which ultimately cost him his
job.  However, we had been watching
Rolph, and it seemed he would be a
good addition to our family, keeping
justice among our own.  You would
think he had died and gone to heaven
when approached and eventually made
Vampire.  Now he had the super
powers he had always dreamed of.  
However, it was necessary to
temporarily bottle Rolph, there are still
rules that must be followed and until he
can control himself he will remain
$15.- shipping
Bottle Vampires are very expensive
to ship, we appologize for this